A good off the shoulder look is as seductive as a cold glass of Coke on a 39°C summer afternoon. But we are currently not enjoying the smothering heat of summer, and as much as you can still quench your thirst with an icy Coca Cola for the rest of the year, the feeling is not quite the same. So that leads us back to our starting point: the off the shoulder matter. And since we are now ten days into February, the commercially called month of love, why not try this luring look? 

Con el 14 de Febrero a la vuelta de la esquina, creí apropiado dejarles un conjunto ad-hoc a la ocasión. Me encanta la tendencia de los hombros al descubierto y me parece que es un look perfecto para una salida especial en el día V. 


Photographed by N&R Branding

Full look: Almacenes Simán
Make-up: Flert