One of my favourite things to do is travel the World and discover picturesque little corners wherever I go. But the one thing about beautiful places is that you can find them almost anywhere. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and, without being subjective, I like to think it that way. I get excited just by finding the unique beauty that my own country guards; even if we are just talking about a shabby, old building with cracked walls and a rickety door; funnily enough, these spots sometimes make up for the most exquisite frames. 

Uno de mis hobbies favoritos es viajar y descubrir escenarios pintorescos a donde sea que vaya. Lo bueno es que se puede encontrar sitios bellos casi en cualquier lugar. Me emociona encontrar la belleza intrínseca que cada lugar guarda, incluso si solo se trata de un edificio desvencijado con paredes descascaradas, lo interesante es que, a veces, esos son los lugares que nos ofrecen el marco perfecto. 


Photographed by N&R Branding

Full look: Almacenes Simán
Make up by Flert