I tend to swindle between ladylike looks and understated casual ones. A few weeks ago I found this beautiful Chanel-esque jacket (sorry for so blatantly making up my own terms), which was desperately calling for a feminine combination. Button-up skirts, enjoying center stage for the time being, seemed  like a more than fair partner to the printed outer piece. Funny enough, it was not until I wore the look that I realized how at ease I felt with every garment on its own (the blue top that I wore had that inevitable sensuality that a lose shirt gives to women… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) which made the outfit even better.

Hace unas semanas me encontré con esta preciosa chaqueta. Me gustó tanto que decidí crear un conjunto femenino en el que ésta fuera la pieza principal. La combiné con una falda de botones, que están tan presentes en el panorama actual, y con una camisa sencilla. Espero que les guste. 


Photographed by Karma

Set: Montelena
Full look: Almacenes Simán