As promised, here is another of the sporty looks I worked on with Simán. My trainer knows me too well, and he is very much aware of my hate relationship with cardio, however it is inevitable that I should dedicate some time every day to it. This is why, he is always trying to find alternatives to the typical 20 minute treadmill runs. Kickboxing has proven to be amongst my favorite options, it is a great way to release energy and get my heartbeat up.   

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Lo prometido es deuda. Les dejo otro de los looks de ropa deportiva que hice en colaboración con Simán. Mi entrenador me conoce ya bastante bien y sabe de lo mucho que odio hacer ejercicios de cardio. Por eso, siempre intenta ofrecerme alternativas que no me resulten tan tediosas. Una de mis opciones favoritas es el kickboxing, que además es perfecta para desfogar y liberar energía, sobre todo cuando he tenido un día particularmente pesado. 

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Photographed by Karma

Sports bra, & leggings: Only Play Gloves & weights: Everlast Cap: Under Armour Sneakers: Adidas
Full look via Simán