Sooo, I’ve been asked to share my beauty routine a few times now. To tell you the truth, right until the end of last year, I was pretty much indifferent to creams, serums, and oils. However, in the last months I have come to realize that that is the worst approach when it comes to your skin.

I used to think I was somewhat immune to skin problems, aside from my rosy cheeks, I had nothing to worry about. I have dry skin so I don’t usually have breakouts, I never had acne problems, and mid-day oily face was never an issue. Foolish me, I never stop to think that having dry skin meant I would get wrinkles and expression lines way sooner than the rest. I heard so many times before how important it is to adopt a personal beauty routine early on; however to me it was a waste of money, a waste of time, but above it all a boring affair. But last year I had a revelation, and I decided to take care of myself.

I arrived to the conclusion that skincare is all about being grateful and respectful to your skin. People!, your skin will accompany you ’til the day you die, it will protect you and it has the power to make you look fresh, young and alive, if you treat it right. However, like a delicate flower, if you do not take care of it, fertilize and water it, it will start to wither.

Here are 5 products I introduced into my daily beauty routine, which I hope will help you!

Note: I have very DRY skin, so some of these products will not be the best for greasy skin types.

  1. Sunscreen. BASIC. Start application as early on in your life as possible!! I love La Roche Posay’s facial sunscreen. 
  2. Eye Serum.
    I just recently discovered BioNat, it is a national brand that it is known for the use of natural ingredients. A beauty junky friend of mine recommended it and I’ve been using it ever since. The best part is that it is super affordable!
  3. Facial oil.
    Again BioNat. I tried the tester, and the moment the oil touched my skin I new this was for me -I do wish it was unscented, though- Again, super affordable.
  4. Cleanser.
    As the title of my blog states, I have rosy cheeks. It got worst during puberty, but now it is very much controlled (except when I work out). Because of this, my dermatologist recommended I use a gentle skin cleanser. Cetaphil has been my go-to cleanser ever since.
  5. Jade Roller.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! If you are not jade-rolling yet, what exactly is it that you are doing?! Tip: leave your roller in the fridge so it gets cold, and crisp. It will feel so much better on your skin.

You can find BioNat’s products and the jade rollers at Butter; LRP’s sunscreen at Simán; and Cetaphil cleanser at Grupo Carpio’s pharmacy. 

I hope they help you guys as much as they are helping me! Oh and never forget about your beautiful necks! Make sure to bring the products all the way down to them!

If there is anything else you guys would like to know, just leave me a comment!

Love, A