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About Me

Let’s start with the usual yada yada: I’m a 20 something year old Journalist who fell in love with the world of fashion. For seven years, I lived abroad to pursue my career and dreams.

In 2014, I moved back home to El Salvador, which proved to be a real culture shock. My inner spririt kept on stirring and striving for high fashion, but my new reality didn’t come even close. It then hit me – I don’t need to go anywhere! I can be heard and bring high fashion to my country, while encouraging others to dream and aspire with me. BAM! Red Rosy Chic was born.

Red Rosy Chic
Welcome to my digital abode. Allow me to give you the customary tour.

Thinking Out Loud is my translation of this world’s current and atemporal affairs. Yeap, it is my venture into organizing all the crazy thoughts that whirlwind inside of me, and putting them in display for you to dissect, accept or reject.

Strictly Fashion is my hindsight in everything fashion and beauty, from runways, to red carpets, to trends, to any other mad inspiration I get.

And, finally, My Looks, well… my looks are just that, my attempt at interpreting high fashion and transforming it into down-to-earth style.

I’m hoping that there is a little bit of something here for each one of you.

With love,


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