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18 Nov

A Different Purpose


I like to think that when it comes to fashion, I’m not your usual girl next door. For me, it is all about trying different clothes, styles and trends. One of the things I love to do is to use garments in a way they weren’t meant to be worn. Playing around with these adds personality, as well as originality to your outfits. El Salvador is not particularly characterized by its cold weather, so scarves don’t have a very strong presence amongst our closets. However, who says scarves are only made to keep us warm? Belting this girly dress with a scarf added a fun splash of colour as well as an interesting silhouette to the outfit. 

13 Nov

Not Much Needed


I firmly stand for chic simplicity.  Friends constantly come to me asking for advice on how to accessorize an outfit. For the most part, they tend to think that if their look does not include an array of jewellery, it is incomplete. Less is more. It is never about HOW MUCH you wear, but more about WHAT you wear and what you want to draw attention to. While putting this outfit together, I realized that the laser-cut top was a stand-out on its own, so accessories seemed to be unnecessary. On top of that, this pair of heels already have an embellished strap, which to me, adds just the right amount of spark to the look.

11 Nov



You can never go wrong when combining primary colours. The contrasting hues will always make up for a bold, yet stylish combination. This look achieves a chic and powerful mood that, with the help of a pair of shades, exudes confidence and mystery.

4 Nov

Leather Jeans

Finding the right pair of leather jeans can be tricky, but once you do, you will not want to take them off. I really love these ones because they fit so perfectly, and they have a very nice detail on the knees. Wearing them with a blazer makes the outfit look smart and polished, even if worn with a tee underneath.

30 Oct

Blooming Lace


The moment I spotted this gown, I immediately fell in love with it. It has got all the right traits to it: beautiful colour and material, flattering shape, and even a bunch of embellishments! Since the belt has encrusted silver jewels, I combined the dress with all silver accessories. I hope you all like it as much as I do!

28 Oct

Black tie


October has been a very hectic month, crammed with special events, celebrations, and other personal commitments. This is why this week I’m bringing to you a couple of black tie outfits, or what you can also call evening wear attire.

I love jumpsuits. They combine feminity & masculinity to perfection. They are always an easy way of dressing up without overthinking it. I particularly like this black jumpsuit as it creates a very flattering silhouette. It shows exactly the right amount of skin, without being too revealing. In three words: It is classy! I paired the jumpsuit up with a pair of sparkly heels to add a special touch. As for jewellery, I decided that a bare neckline would work well, and opted for a pair of dangling earrings and a cool, simple cuff instead. I hope you like it!

21 Oct

Sporty Chic


I’m so sorry that I’ve been very much absent for the past couple of weeks. I’ve had some pretty hectic days with events and new projects. But I promise I will now go back to business, especially since Red Rosy Chic is very close to turning 1! 

On this occasion I took on a trend that is hitting hard on the streets: Sporty-Chic. What sums up this trend is pairing up sweatshirts, sports bras, etc. with heels & all types of lush accessories. This time I started by choosing a basic black & white colour palette, and I then accessorized the look with splashes of colour in animal and floral prints. I hope you like it!