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1 Abr

Simán Fashion Week Summer ’14


I visited El Salvador for a few days at the beginning of March, and while I was there I was invited to a few fashion events. I have been lucky to go to a fair amount of fashion shows internationally, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much locally. To my surprise, the shows I attended turned out to be very interesting productions.

26 Feb


Photograph by Marielli Rodriguez A few weeks ago, Stefany Jovel from Beauty Life Sivar got in touch with me. She wanted to do a short interview on my experience in the international fashion industry, and on my view of the Salvadoran fashion business. I'm so excited to finally be able to share it with all of you, specially because I've included some personal insights! I hope you guys enjoy it! xx Click here to read the interview! Hace unas cuantas semanas, Stefany Jovel de Beauty Life Sivar se puso en contacto conmigo. Quería hacerme una entrevista acerca de mi experiencia en la industria de la moda internacional. ¡Y ahora, finalmente, puedo compartirlo con ustedes! Se trata de una breve mirada a mi trayectoria profesional y a...
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13 Feb

A Wardrobe Find


About a week ago, I found this random vest in my wardrobe… I sincerely think it belongs to my grandmother. You see, whenever she comes to El Salvador, I let her borrow my bedroom, so half of my closet is filled with her clothes. When I found this vest, I thought it would look good layered up with a denim jacket. I think the end result is actually pretty cool. What do you guys think?

PS: I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately. I’m back in Toronto only for a couple of weeks, which means I have lots to do, and little time to do it.

3 Feb

Eternal Spring


We don’t know what we have until it’s gone, or until we leave it behind. The latter one very much applies to me. I have been out of El Salvador for about seven years now…Wow, they went by fast! Spain, UK, Canada… yeah, it sounds frantic… and it actually has been. Every time I come back home to rest for a bit, it feels as if my life has been suddenly paused. And I can take everything in with much more amazement! I enjoy how it is Spring/Summer for about half the year, how the flowers are always in bloom and the greens are always green, and how the sun comes out everyday even if it’s only for ten minutes. Sometimes, it feels good to push the pause button in our lives, and realize how lucky we truly are. 

27 Ene



I agree, every girl should have at least one LBD, but I also think every girl should have at least one LWD. A Little White Dress is a must have, especially when living in a sunny and warm country. What I love about this particular one is that it can take me from day to night with a simple change of shoes! The simplicity of this shift dress is what makes it so wearable, and the sequins really add up to its chic style. I think you already know how I feel about sequins, but just in case you don’t… I go crazy over them! I find it really hard to resist them. Yes, I admit it…Sometimes I think I have a mini Sharpay Evans inside me, and this is her talking.  

5 Ene

Happy 2014!


I barely made it home for the holidays. But I was lucky. I flew right before Toronto’s airport shut down due to the icy weather… Pheww! And I’ve been feeling that relief since I landed… especially when I skim through the international weather pages of my local newspaper. I’m not exaggerating when I say I can almost feel my hands freezing while holding it.

In the meantime, I’m just happy to be in El Salvador: my home! There’s something to this little piece of land that just makes me feel good. The city, the mountains, the beach, the tropical life…, it all puts a permanent smile on my face. Speaking of the beach…I spent New Year lazing by the pool sipping out of a coconut. Cliché, right? But that’s how it really was! Here are a few shots from my time at La Barra de Santiago, in the coast of the Pacific Ocean. I hope you all had an amazing time just like I did! Happy 2014!