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11 Jul

Sequins & Roses

Hi guys! I am very much into embellished anything, lately. These jeans are perfect for a casual day, they make it easy to spice up any simple look. I wore this look not too long ago, pairing two pieces that blended seamlessly thanks to their don't care attitude. The floor grazing cardigan (which many have christened as a Harry Potter cloak) added a touch of drama, and enveloped the look with a special allure. x A ¡Hola a todos! Últimamente me he dejado seducir por los bordados. Desde el momento en el que me puse estos jeans, supe que eran ideales para dar vida a un look otrora aburrido.  Este conjunto que usé hace unos cuantos días, era una combinación más que lógica....
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29 Mar

Weekend Uniform


Lately, I have been inevitably drawn by high waist shorts. They have pretty much become part of my weekend uniform. For me, they are a no brainer: easy to pair with other pieces, perfect for the smoldering heat, and a chic way to hide my tummy. Here is one of the ways I like to combine them.

27 Ene



Details. I’ve been taught by life that greatness, and success, both lie on the littlest details. And I like translating that idea to my every day dressing. That is why, an embellishment here, and a bit of lace there, are not insignificant nuances, but enticing, fine particularities that make all the difference. Take a basic jumper, pepper it with a few tumbling beads on the shoulders, and voilà!

23 Ene

Pick of the Week: Embellished Slingbacks


It has been a while since the last time that I posted a Pick of the Week, but the moment my eyes landed on these shoes, I knew I had to share them with you.

I first came across Boden during my years in London. I would label their womenswear designs as feminine, and retro; and even at times a tad too conservative for my taste. However, every now and then, they come up with some sparkling gems of their own, like the shoes at hand. It is not a secret that I love my garments and accessories to be garnished with glitz and embellishments, and these Bella Slingbacks surely tick that requisite. Let me know what colour is your favourite!

30 Oct

Blooming Lace


The moment I spotted this gown, I immediately fell in love with it. It has got all the right traits to it: beautiful colour and material, flattering shape, and even a bunch of embellishments! Since the belt has encrusted silver jewels, I combined the dress with all silver accessories. I hope you all like it as much as I do!

1 Sep

Pick of the Week: Pom-poms


1st.September.2014. Can you believe it? We all know what that means… that even if we live in a tropical country, fashion is bound to change. Out will come the fall and winter collections, the furs, the knits, the blacks. However, since in El Salvador we pretty much enjoy our sultry weather all year round, I’ve decided to make a pick of the week that may seem not quite appropriate for the time of year in those northern countries.

This week I’m all in for pom-poms! Especially if they come dangling and cascading off shorts, rompers, jackets, and kimonos; simply because they are as cute as can be! If you have the pleasure and luck of living in a country like mine you can certainly go about hunting for these little treasures, perfect for the beach, for the lake, and, if you adore them like me, for basically anywhere!