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3 Jul

Pick of The Week: Palm Cuffs

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There’s a new trend in town and it’s called: the palm cuff. The accessory has been making appearances everywhere from Instagram, to TV shows and to even the red carpet, so if you haven’t heard of it by now you have probably been hiding under a rock. The palm cuff is not only a very cool way of accessorizing your hands but it is also a damn chic one! We’re talking about a trend that is definitely here to stay! My advise: don’t try too hard, wear them layered or on their own but always, and only, in one hand a time.

31 May

An Old Shed


There’s a small shed close to my home that I drive by everyday. I hadn’t noticed it before because it’s hiding behind a shrubbery. I caught a glimpse of it through the bushes while I was pretending to exercise by walking, a few weeks ago. I realized then that its barren brick walls could probably make up for a nice set. And so I decided to put my denim shorts on and explore the area a bit further. In this post you can see the result of the shoot. I have to admit, it was a bit creepy to sneak around the old house, and, call me a coward but, I don’t think I will be going near it again any time soon.

PS: With this post I would like to introduce you to one of my new photographers: Gabriela Panameño. I hope you like the pictures (Thanks Gaby!).