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15 May

New in: One Shoulder Top

The moment I slipped into this outfit, I loved it. It made me feel ready to tackle on anything. I could easily go to work, a morning event, or coffee with friends. The one shoulder top was a real winner for me, and we are seriously considering to produce it in a crisp white version. The splash of color that the sandals and the clutch's tassel add to the look seemed like the perfect way to incorporate an interesting twist. Love, x A Como todas las piezas de Borneo by Lumi, este outfit fue pensado con versatilidad, comodidad y elegancia en mente. Las costuras vistas, uno de los detalles característicos de esta colección, aportan contraste y diseño al mismo tiempo. Como ambas prendas...
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14 May

A take on linen

Hi guys! Here is another of the beautifully tailored pieces of our colletion Borneo by Lumi. This one actually was designed to be a linen suit, with straight leg trousers and a vest top. However, I thought it would be nice to show the versatility of the top by combining it with a pair of dark jeans. The fan-like clutch and the geometric earrings are also some of the pieces we have at Borneo, both by Colombian designers.  xx A Hola a todos. Aquí les muestro otra de las piezas de Borneo by Lumi. Este top en realidad lo diseñamos como parte de un traje de lino, con unos pantalones rectos que tenían el mismo detalle de la costura vista a los...
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7 May

Borneo by Lumi

  I haven't been very good at posting lately. Work has been manic, and I really haven't had much time to focus on the blog. However, I promise I will try and do my best to keep RRC as updated as possible.  I've just recently launched a brand with one of my very best friends, it has been a long journey since we first came up with the idea last year, but to see all of our efforts brought to life has been all the more gratifying. Borneo (@borneo.sv) is a fashion brand which tries to bring stylish products that will encourage women to aspire and be the best version of who they are. For Borneo, we teamed up with the salvadoran...
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6 Abr

Starry Night

I had to stop myself from crying. It was a very emotional moment to see Lumi sprint down the runway, stand mid-catwalk and shyly, but excitedly grin to the roaring crowd. It was all I could do not to race to where she was, and shamelessly embrace her. I didn't think I would feel such a whirlwind of emotions surge inside of me, but I did. Weeks before that moment, I received a text: "Andrea, I would like to dress you for fashion week". "YASS!!" My heart leapt for joy! For me, who am a total sucker for the brand, there was no better way to show up at fashion week, than dressed up in Lumi! Two days before the shows, I squeezed...
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29 Mar


Si había algo que faltaba en las ediciones pasadas de MBFWSV, eso era la presencia de LUMI. La diseñadora salvadoreña fue, sin duda, uno de los puntos álgidos de la semana de la moda. La autenticidad en su diseño, la precisión en sus acabados y la coherencia en su colección, lograron acaparar miradas y avivar emociones. "Bajo las estrellas", nos hizo soñar con constelaciones de atuendos a ratos atrevidos, a ratos conservadores, pero siempre armónicos y sofisticados. Lumi aportó un toque distintivo a sus prendas, creando detalles geométricos y alargando las figuras esculturales de las modelos, a través de costuras vistas. Destacaron dos vestidos exquisitamente entallados en terciopelo, uno rojo y otro azul, así como los atuendos de pantalón. La pericia de la...
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1 Jun

Industrial Site


Morning guys! A couple of weeks ago, I collaborated with the Salvadoran brand, LUMI, for a short look book. We were seeking for an industrial background that would contrast with the simplicity and elegance of the dresses. The team wanted to create something a little bit different to what the brand is used to, opting for a more creative and artistic approach in photography.  We spent a whole morning shooting in a warehouse in one of the main industrial areas in town. I am not going to lie, the heat was almost unbearable, but the setting was so worth it! I hope you like the results!

I hope you all have a great day!


11 Nov

MBFD: Andrea Ayala


For her latest collection, Andrea Ayala sought for inspiration in the work of Roberto Rivera, a relevant Salvadoran artist, who has caught the eye of the artistic industry for his very unique way of conveying his understanding of the world.