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28 Dic

Cozy Holiday Wishes


On holidays, and especially during winter, I tend to have lazy days. Days when I can barely command my body to crawl out of bed… not to mention to actually dress up. These are the days when all I want to do is throw a cozy, shapeless jumper on and snug in the couch with a big mug of hot chocolate. Of course, I have a pair of warm woolly socks that I reserve for these sluggish occasions, which are perfect to walk about barefoot.  

After the first round of Christmas partying, I have pretty much succumbed to laziness… hence my belated Christmas wishes. But you know what they say: Better later than never. So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 

22 Dic


Smiles are acts of joy, kindness, and hope. They are a very powerful force that moves us. When someone smiles, we’re inevitably drawn to smile back. There is something special about smiling that can lift up spirits even amidst the hardest of circumstances.

7 Dic

Chic Simplicity


I consider myself to have a very simple style. Far from an over-the-top complication, I aim for a chic simplicity, not only in my outfits, but also in my conversations and writings. Since so much has been said about the Isabel Marant for H&M Collection already, I really don’t think I should add anymore blah, blah to the incomprehensible noise. So in my search for simplicity, there’s really only one thing I want to say about this post: Enjoy!

1 Dic

The Reds of Christmas


December is here and with Black Friday mania finally out of our systems, we can really focus on Christmas, my favourite time of the year! It is the season that brings the greens of the sturdy pines, the whites of the glinting lights, and the reds of the ho-ho-hoes. Like the shocking, happy red of my Kate Spade coat. The story of this coat is somewhat amusing, but I prefer to keep it on the low… It is one of those stories that I rather tell face to face and in the confidence of close friendship. However, I can say this much, it came to me as a result of my job, and of having a pretty cool boss. It was one of those little perks of working in fashion. I came to the office one morning to find two neatly folded coats lying on the top of my spotless desk. And on top of them, a post-it that read: “I think these will look Great on you. xx”. It was not Christmas, but it surely felt like it!

23 Nov

Oldschool Inspiration


Throwbacks are fun. I enjoy flipping through pictures and reliving moments; old pictures that take me to happy places. I always gather something good out of them. A good feeling, a good resolution, a good laugh. Last time I flipped through my High School photos, I was unexpectedly inspired. Even though I was never a fashionable teenager, looking back at my friends and myself, I got the urge of wearing a kilt again. As ugly and unstylish as it seemed to me back then, I couldn’t help myself from coveting it now, and even more so as tartan is such a current trend. Precisely because of that, I thought that finding a cute mini kilt would be a piece of cake. But I was wrong. All my efforts were futile. Until one day, a friend of mine offered to pass on to me her old High School kilt. She said she had never worn it since after graduation and she definitely never would again. I was thrilled! One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure! So I styled the old school kilt according to my own personal coordinates. I had put so much work into chasing after one, that wearing it felt just as exciting as a first day of school!

16 Nov

Autumn Rush


They say that in Ontario, fall is the most beautiful season of the year. One of the things Canada should be proud of is its awestrucking landscapes. And when autumn hits, the breathtaking rushes rise. Like adrenaline, all the warm hues of reds, oranges, and yellows spread quickly to every little leaf in sight. And then they fall, and the temperatures with them. Leaving only a feeling of bareness that we all try to fight off with layers of bulky warm clothes.