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26 Feb

Find your pattern!

Hello everyone! A while back, I read a book about style and how to simplify the task of dressing every morning. Reading it gave me many useful insights, one of which I want to share with you all: Find what looks good on you and create a pattern out of it. I'm very reluctant when it comes to subjecting one's style to restrictive molds, but I actually realized that there are certain silhouettes and colors that I instinctively gravitate to. More than clinging to a boring uniform, it is about discovering what suits you best, and turn that into your staple. In my case, I find that high waist, straight leg trousers elongate my figure and accentuate my waist. I have a...
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28 Abr

Floral Passion


With nature blooming around us, it seems inevitable to gravitate towards floral prints. I love the sheer inset on this dress, and how the blue & purple hues on it blend perfectly with my lip colour. 

22 Abr

The Pick of the Week: Tee Shirt Earrings

"I fell. I fell in Dior." Carrie Bradshaw  I currently have the desire to splurge on Tee Shirt Earrings. I first saw them on the graceful Chloe Hill (www.bychill.com). The Fashion Market Editor at Instyle Australia had the original white pearl earrings.  About a week ago, as I was dashing towards my gate in Heathrow Airport, I brought myself to make an oh-so-needed pit stop at the Dior store. I was hoping to refuel my energy and maybe tick the desired earrings off my "To Buy List" without the aggravating taxes! It seemed like a definite win-win situation. Unfortunately, as the sales assistant assured to me, the earrings are so popular that they sell like hot buns. Whenever they restock, they immediately run out of them. They only had...
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